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I'm looking back to Wizards 2009 with a lot of gratitude. Gratitude for my experiences there, gratitude for Harry for these wonderful tools, for his presence with his inspiring talks every morning, for the trainers and QMs for their unselfish support and their appreciation, for all people there working on their subjects and their integrity.

It was my third Wizard, and this year I could feel much deeper and clearer that all, really Everyone that I criticize, all that I blame are in fact a part of me, a projection. When I did the exercises and felt my part, which means when I felt what I'm really doing in special situations, I got very calm and clear, I felt humble - and then I felt peace in my heart.

Since Wizards this year some things have changed. I don't react on someone with criticism like I did before - or I recognize it in the same moment when I feel a kind of reaction, and I'm able to stop it because I can look inside myself and feel my part, my projection.

From my heart I wish everyone on this planet to experience Wizards, to feel what it feels like when we are in appreciating connections with others. In this way, peace is possible in our world. The kind of connection on the Wizard Course, the connection between people from all over the world on Wizards is a real example how life on this planet can be! I feel much gratitude to Harry for these wonderful tools!