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Wizard 2009 was fantastic! To be a team with my husband after all the trouble, secrets, fighting we have had on the beginning of the course. I feel very deep gratitude. We inspired a friend of ours for an intro in Munich together, our first common prospect. There will come more, I am sure. There is no way of failure.

I go on every day to work with the Wizard materials. Today I handled a float why I can't get a phone-call to my student, who finished the course in November. I tried 30 times, made primaries. The belief was: I am unbeatable. I discreated it and had the idea to make also assumed and projected identities with it. The projected was: I have to convince others that I am strong. I felt suddenly being 4 years old, I hit my big toe with a spade, the toe hang down from my foot and there was this old woman in this big garden saying: "What did you expect? It is your fault, you are guilty, because you didn't want to wear shoes!"

The story was, my father worked in the garden of this woman with a spade without shoes and I wanted to do this also, although he said I shouldn't do that. He went to hospital with me, doctors operated on me and I was able to see that all later broken fingers and all hurts ( I had a lot of operations) were based on this drama! Every time I did something that I was not sure my father would agree with, I had big damage.

Only one transparent belief: if I do something my father would not agree with, I fail and cause myself pain.

Thanks Harry for this material! With every act I will contribute to an EPC!