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Dear Harry,

 I'd love to share with you how one of my 'dream' primaries I created on my first Wizard Course manifested. Since the amount of free attention on a Wizard Course is HUGE, more than I could've imagined at Avatar, Masters, Professional or integrity courses, this primary has completely manifested within 1.5 years!

On my first Wizard Course my primary was “I create a life partner who is a committed Enlightened Planetary Civilization worker like me, and together we create a loving family and the EPC beyond expectations”.  Well, I was also very primary to go to each Wizard the rest of my life. You don't want to miss it! 2011 could've been my 3rd Wizards in a row, but... I found my life partner after Wizards 2010, we both committed ourselves to a new domain in the sangha, and POOF... I was expecting our new member of the family. Guess what... a Wizard baby! So we will not be there physically in 2011 again, but we will be there with you all and back home we have the Wizardly experience of bringing new life into this world, and into this sangha.!

There is nothing like the Wizards Course. I enjoy so much how the new Masters are making their way to Wizards 2011. If any of them have any doubts about going, I would say “Just do it anyway! You will handle the things in your life you thought were stronger than you. And you can aim for the stars and create it ALL. All the love, the care, the power of all these beautiful people together, the talks from Harry, the trainers doing the demo's with so much wisdom, lightness, fun"! Gosh... I can't wait to go to 2012, with my Wizard family again! Enjoy Wizards 2011! Love ,

Maaike Knoester- The Netherlands