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Dear Avra and Harry,

I know that you are aware of my student, Alicia Radt's recent passing. What you may not know is how much Avatar meant to Alicia. My favorite memory is of Alicia saying in exasperation, "They're conspiring to help us." She was referring to the QM's and Trainers as well as other masters who supported her.
Before I came to the June International Course, Alicia was in Roswell Park Cancer Institute exploring her options. It was there that I asked Alicia what she would like for me to do for her. The cancer had already spread to her brain and she had difficulty finding words, but clearly without missing a beat, she said," do Avatar exercises with me. " We did a CHP on the pain she was experiencing and there was relief. She recognized and acknowledged that she had created all this. She was very much at peace. People around her, friends and family, were in upset and turmoil. All the while, Alicia was radiant with a reassuring smile saying that it was all ok.
After the International Course, I stopped to see Alicia at the nursing home where she was under Hospice care. My partner, Ron, had been visiting her while I was on course. We fed her, held her hand and sang to her. She was calm and snuggled into the crook of my arm, squeezing tightly when a wave of pain would hit. Friday evening Alicia passed away peacefully, and unexpectedly by medical standards. She did it on her own terms with a knowing that consciousness never dies.
Today, I was asked to do the announcements for the congregation of our church. At the end of the service people came to the living room and shared their memories of Alicia. Most shared what a beautiful change they had seen in Alicia since she did Avatar. She was a young woman who had had a life of struggle yet in her dying she showed a dignity and grace unlike anything I have ever seen. Avatar is the key. Thank you for the tools that allowed Alicia the gift of faith and a legacy that will live far beyond her and for the gift of Avatar that allowed me to share in her journey. I am grateful beyond words.

All my love,

Karen Kuhn
Avatar Master/Wizard