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Dear Harry,

I just finished the Resurfacing exercise Walk For Atonement, the variation for secrets. As I did the walk, a turtle joined me! It was by the fence row, head and neck sticking out and moving at a good pace. It felt "powered up". At the end of the walk, as I owned some things I had pretended to get ahead, I said " Yes. I have been doing that". At that moment I looked up and saw balloons high in the sky. It felt symbolic for the letting go, releasing all thoughts and events to the past. "Enjoying the sights, sounds and sensations of the present moment with appreciation", as you say in the workbook. It's time to create a new story-new life!

Thanks for all you do and have done to support all of us in contributing to the creation of an EPC. Love,

Pam Ciganik- USA