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Dear Harry,
I just returned from the June International course and I wanted to thank you. The largest Avatar Course ever! What an amazing experience.

I grew and learned so much in just 10 days of being an Intern. I know that without you and these tools it would have taken me lifetimes to learn and grow as much as I did in these 10 days. I integrated 2 identities in the way of being in service to others. That alone saved me lifetimes of experiencing and causing others suffering!

Your care and love for us all is so palpable and provides such a space for all of us to grow leaps and bounds! All my life I wanted to be of service in a spirtual way but from the Chatholic paradigm of my younger years it was going to be in a funny black and white outfit with rosary beads. Once that idea no longer felt right (around 8th Grade when I discovered boys) I felt lost and spent years searching for the right avenue to help others. Because of you I found it. I am happier than I've ever been and each day the joy in serving others grows. All because of you, your love for others and your perserverence in not giving up. So many times my little ego tries to talk me into giving up but I think of you and keep going. I will keep going Harry and I will create more Avatars - more awakening beings.....