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Dear Harry,

Once again thank you for the power of this Integrity course and the tools you have empowered us to use. I found this course to be amazing in way that is deeper than I have ever gone. I found being in service in the masters room was a profound, life giving experience. I had the opportunity to work with a man from New Zealand on many of the drills that was behind from his assessment because he had done mini-courses. He had worked so hard to read at night, get caught up and work with his roommates. I witnessed he and his buddy handling discouragement with the drill. Never give up, your perseverance is admirable and your courage to do this work. It brought me to my knees to see these "two burley men" sharing so much love and appreciation. I had so much fun working with them and viewing the material through "Baby Eyes" again. And a world lesson about how the serious drill is the elixir.

After finishing more of my own Integrity work I realized I want to redirect my passion, energy and determination for the mission of creating and Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I know I will own up to power up!! Love,

Anne Moore- USA