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What a journey I have been on. This is my third Wizard course and I feel like I am unraveling the story of my life. Anxiety, fear and depression were my bedmates and I fought against them with such desperation and resistance.

Secrets, Hidden Agendas, Float and other exercises all helped in the process of the unravelling. To experience the resistance around these things has been truly painful and scary but what awaits on the other side is a gift of new life.

On the last day, as usual, I started my pattern of “I can’t do it, it is too scary, I can’t be responsible.” But by my sheer will and determination not to go down that same road, I took my creations through the exercises and with the help of a partner, I faced my fears and came out a different person. A person who isn’t afraid. A person who chooses hope. A person who wants to be an example for and to help others.

Thank you Harry, Avra and all the team. I am truly grateful for this gift.

S. G. - New Zealand