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I had the privilege of working with some of the new Masters today doing drilling and the Source List. I was so inspired by their enthusiasm and excitement. Statements of how Avatar has already changed their lives and how appreciative they are having these tools. It is a great reminder for me that there are people out there waiting- seeking- wanting to find a new paradigm. One that works for them and will help change the world.

I have found so many ways that I have sabotaged myself and those around me this week of Integrity.. I am surprised, even though I know I have been creating it, at how much subterfuge I have employed to be able to do what I have been doing and not be responsible for it! This is my third Integrity Course and each time I find more ( and better hidden) patterns that I run to keep my self importance and self righteousness.

Thank you for caring about humanity and us as individuals to create these materials! With Love and respect,

Jeannette LaFontaine- USA