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Delivering Avatar is my life path and vocation. I was born clairvoyant, and with an ability to heal others with various kinds of energy. For about the last six years I have felt a strong inner push to manifest my vocation as a healer, but felt too that the gift had not found the exact voice from which to speak. I knew that the modality would present itself in due course.

I felt called to visit a place in my town where I eventually met my Master. She immediately offered Avatar; I immediately accepted. Within two weeks I was on a plane to the International Avatar Course. It feels like my whole life has already unraveled (discreated) in preparation to being rebuilt around my vocation to deliver Avatar to many people. My Master ( Linda Waters) said she knew immediately that Avatar was my path too.

I am thrilled, excited, euphoric and centered around recreating my life, and delivering Avatar to those who will receive it from me as a matter of destiny.

Glenda Shenkal- USA