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Dear Harry,

I would like to share with you my experiences working in a private nursing home and using the Avatar tools.
I work with older people with Alzheimer and I noticed that using my serious drill and the Pro Course tools works excellent with these beautiful people. I make contact; consciousness to consciousness and they calm down. I use my feel its and feel how they integrate some sadness or hurt and then calm down. When they tell their story, and I can't follow what they are talking about, it's no problem; I use feel-its and serious drill and we talk in feel, it doesn't matter what I say.

They give me so much love, I experience unconditional love from them and they help me to practice unconditional love. It's amazing and I feel a lot of gratitude.

My colleagues notice my qualities and get curious.. :-) Of course, I inspire them, tell about Avatar. The tools are a gift in health care.

Thank you.

Jolande Pit - van Duivenbooden
The Netherlands