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Dear Harry,

I have been so ashamed of myself all of my life for something I have not been aware of that I have put almost al my energy into showing an enthusiastic face, a pretty smile, and agreeable manner. To get approval. And in, well...rather crooked ways I have done my best to find the sore spots of others to test them ( I even became a professional Theater critic) to prove them wrong. 44 years of that!

Using the Avatar tools and doing secrets, dozens of them, helped me peel off numerous layers of destruction and deceit, to arrive a very painful realization. As a very little child I made the judgement: the world around me is just bad. Wrong. Destructive. So the only way out is to destruct it all and/or myself. Which, once I started doing it, started causing a lot of pain. Cut contacts, ruined jobs, resistance to all rules and authorities. No ties with parents. So I created over it: to become good, nice, charming, helping.

I created a massive persistent identity undermining pretty much everything I wanted. It's a feeling close to revelation, no, it is a revelation and a great honor to be able to stop that and use my skills, my talent, my heart to improve as much of the world as I can to help. Thank you, for putting this wonderful program together, so humble, so honest, that gave me the first referance point in my life. One that even I, with my stubborn insistence on resistance, could finally accept.

Eniko Tegyi- Hungary