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Last night my boyfriend of nine years (since we were 15 yrs. old) became one of the newest Avatars on the planet! In my being, as I wrote that, there was a deep sense of reverence. He became more him and connected with others in a way that I know he has been looking for, for a long time.
So I'm gonna create the primary that all of my students courses are as easy and flowing as his course was! Whatever effort I need to take or space that needs to be created, I am willing an ready to do that for them.
I feel so blessed to, so easily and while having so much fun, take our relationship to it's next level of communication and connection.
So grateful.
P.S. And yes he will be at Masters next month, which fulfills one of his personal primaries: " I help create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization."
P.P.S. Oh! And thank goodness( literally I suppose) I no longer have to hear " Well what if that doesn't work out?" because he knows his and others personal power! Yeah!

Katrina Naugle- USA- 2009