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I am happy. I have experienced the freedom that I have searched for many lifetimes. In alignment with Star's Edge I choose to serve humanity.

Douglas Brooker

It's been extraordinary. And mostly I've been working on service to others, looking at everything that could possibly stop me; like being afraid, worrying about being rejected. It's hard for me to even believe that a group of people could be this committed to assisting other people. There's so many things you can do on the planet, you can make money, you can have a big fancy house, and on and on forever. But you know what, when you have all that, I've seen people still be very unhappy people. And when I walk around here all I feel is happiness, so much happiness that I don't want to leave.
Marika O'baire-Kark-USA-07

I was asked by a trainer to coach a new person at Wizards on secrets. When this person initially denied having any answer to the questions I soon realized I had become a little complacent. I straightened my act up and got present and real for this new Wizard. Just a few moments later the secrets came flooding out. I was (and still am) in awe at what this person had endured as a child and that she had recovered enough to continue living and being a "good" person in society. She had made a deliberate choice not to be like the examples set forth by her parents.
As her confessions came pouring out, the only thing I knew to do was Serious Drill. When I thought I had heard some of the most terrible atrocities to happen to another living soul, there was something worse. After a little while, when she was able to continue with the discreations, the minor pain that had brought her to me was gone. I truly witnessed a miracle. I felt so completely humbled and privileged to be part of this amazing person's process.
For me this person was a gift to help me understand, that she (higher self) chose to experience this identity in consciousness, and the clarity of the primary "This is not I...," became so clear. That moment of clarity was a most profound world lesson. To sympathize would be to resonate with the identity. To be compassionate is to appreciate the "I" experiencing the identity. Her courage was beyond inspiring. I thank her so sincerely from somewhere so deep inside me that it was a discovery.
Thank you, Harry, Avra, and all the trainers. Now more than ever my primary is to have the same skill level and quality of understanding to be of service others.

Jane Sampson

What an incredible process the Ambivalent Flow Rundown is. I thank you for this!
Doing it on smoking, I had such a huge amount of attention stuck on my throat. When I found it, I thought I was going to throw-up (thankfully, I didn't). Such a profound change came over my body.
I'd let something go that had been with me for more than 40 years. Avatar, what can I say?

David Warnock

I had my own thing running and I thought it was a part of a big group and I just said, "No, not for me. I'm going to do my own thing."

But there was something there that I could feel. When I connected with it, something about the Master that was there.

"I want what she's got!"

It felt more like the real thing and I could see how I was not really experiencing it in my life even though I thought I was very happy.

I feel like what's happened for me on this Wizards is really having a deeper appreciation of the care, the connection, the joy, the love.

I think most importantly it's the power of the team. Just deciding to show up and do it, whatever it takes.

And watching people shift things that, and including myself, that I've been sitting
in all my life.

And one minute I don't even know it's there and the next minute I'm free and I feel like I could fly.

And when I'm working with people, just that level of care and support that we have for one another. There's nothing like it.

If there's something we can dream we know it can happen with the power of the choice that comes with it.

And join people from all over the world, sharing I think from the depth's of our being what is entirely possible. And not only possible but there is no possibility of failure.

And it's the first time in my life I feel like I've really felt that.

Instead of just like saying, "Sure we can do, sure we can do it." It's like..."We can do it. No question."

So come...
Linda Waters-USA-2008